Paving the way for sustainable innovation

At LignEasy, our pursuit of sustainable innovation is strengthened by strategic partnerships with key players in the fields of research, development, and sustainable initiatives.

We are recipients of funding from the EIC Accelerator, a flagship program within Horizon Europe, the European Union’s primary funding initiative for research and innovation. Aligned with Horizon’s mission to address climate change, achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and enhance the EU’s competitiveness and growth, this partnership has propelled LignEasy to the forefront of innovative solutions.

We have set up a strong collaboration with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE). Our ongoing pilot operations are taking place at LignoCity, RISE’s specialized testbed dedicated to lignin research, situated in Bäckhammar, Sweden.

In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we have forged a collaboration with SciTech-Service Oy, a distinguished bio-refining consulting company boasting over 40 years of expertise in providing outsourced technology development. This strategic partnership plays a pivotal role in harnessing their extensive knowledge to drive the development and innovation of sustainable solutions for the future.

We are proactively seeking partnerships with organizations that share our dedication to revolutionizing industries, addressing climate change, and fostering a more sustainable world. If you are interested in collaboration, kindly get in touch with us. Together, with the backing of visionary organizations, we aspire to pioneer the transformation of lignin into a valuable resource for the future.

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