Innovative separation technology

LignEasy stands as a pioneer in innovation, offering revolutionary patented lignin separation technology designed for Kraft pulp mills. Diverging from the conventional method of burning all lignin for energy, our cutting-edge technology transforms lignin into high-value renewable raw material for several end-use applications.

Chemical-free lignin separation

LignEasy’s process ensures a chemical-free separation of lignin in pulp mills, eliminating the need for environmentally harmful chemicals in the production process.

Replacing fossil-based raw materials

By harnessing the full potential of lignin, LignEasy contributes to the global shift towards sustainable practices. Unlocking an alternative to fossil-based raw materials, LignEasy supports environmental conservation and the growing demand for Eco-friendly solutions.

Expanding market for lignin-based products

LignEasy supports the growing market for lignin-based products, by offering a versatile and sustainable resource for various end-use applications. LignEasy’s innovative technology opens up new possibilities for a broad spectrum of industries that are committed to apply environmental friendly alternatives.

Decreasing carbon footprint

LignEasy is dedicated to reduce the carbon footprint associated with pulp and chemical industry. When the used technology doesn’t disrupt pulp mill’s operations it allows an effortless collaboration and contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions – a crucial step to support the global effort to combat climate change effects.